Shamim Realtors limited is among trusted and reliable real estate project management and consultancy company striving to provide the best services to property developers and turn their projects into successful investment opportunity with maximized returns.

To be the leading provider of project management and consultancy services in the region through
continuous growth driven by diligence, innovation and customer focus.

To exceed our clients’ expectations of professionalism and distinguished project management and
consultancy services, to achieve quality and cost-effective construction.

As Shamim Realtors limited, we meet our client’s needs in the following manner: –
▪ We provide and care for our clients’ needs with keenness, and provide cost effective and timely service delivery
▪ We enhance client’s satisfaction through quality management and continuous improvement of our services and engagement at all stages.
▪ We are sensitive to the community we operate in, friendly to the environment by embracing corporate social responsibility and environmental conservation.

Our project management services encompass the overall planning, and coordination of a construction process to ensure the project is completed on time, within budget and according to our clients’ requirements. By breaking down the project into the following phases, distinct and specific
objectives are met by the project manager, and identified in the ensuing sections:
1. Feasibility stage
2. Design phase
3. Tender phase
4. Construction phase
5. Post-construction phase
To render the necessary project management services, it is necessary to ensure that the following
project objectives are met:
• The scope of the project is well defined and the clients’ interests are protected.
• The overall construction will be completed in the shortest time frame possible, in accordance
with the latest schedules, without compromising quality standards.
• The construction work is performed in conformity with the design requirements and
• The project budget is prepared and updated on a regular basis.

Joint Ventures
We structure the formation of joint venture partnerships by land owners with leading property developers in the industry. Our joint venture model ensures that the land owner benefits from a hassle-free development process without incurring any costs, in order to develop superb residential
and commercial properties. We target land owners in prime areas in the region and beyond, where the land owners can get the maximum return on investment.

Real Estate Consultancy
Having been in the real estate industry as key players, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience on various factors and trends in the market. Thus, we are able to conduct concise and informative market research to deliver feasibility reports, best usage analysis, project proposals and
much more in order to advise on how best to invest in this lucrative industry.
As team players we charge ourselves the duty to pick other consultants in the course of the project.
We undertake the complete schedule of work or specific sections as per client request.

Schedule of General Service
1. Feasibility and Design phase
• Contract administration
• Preparation of cost benefit analysis
• Document review
• Monitor design schedule
• Design phase progress reports
• Procurement strategy
• Construction work plan
• Project policies and procedures
• Prequalification of contractors
• Prepare construction contracts for execution

2. Tender phase
• Tendering and contracting process
• Pre-tender construction schedule
• Contractor’s construction schedule
• Pre-tender conferences and meetings
• Opening and evaluation of tender bids
• Post-tender interview

3.Construction Phase
• Project Inspection
• Quality assurance / quality control
• Nominated sub-contractor
• Contractor coordination
• Scheduling and Change orders
• Documentation and consultancy agreements
• Risk Identification, analysis and management
• Alternative dispute resolution service
• Recovery schedules
• Review of contractual claims
• Equipment maintenance and training
• Payment requests
• Safety program and environmental issues

4. Post-Construction Phase

• Final cost report
• Spare parts and warranties
• Final permits
• Final payment
• Contract close-out
• Contractor callbacks
• Closeout reports
• Commissioning of the completed project

Additional Obligations
1. Shamim Realtors Ltd will provide professional advice on the project design and concept in line with the target customer market segment.
2. Shamim Realtors Limited shall also attend technical meetings, conduct site visits and attend progress meeting with other project consultants.
3. Shamim Realtors Limited will also assist the project sourcing financing through equity or debt capital. Advising on the best financial models, including at the moment
4. Our major critical areas of concern will be cost, quality and time. With these three tackled the resulting project will not only be viable but profitable. Shamim Realtors Limited will perform a feasibility study to confirm if the project is viable or seek an alternative project that fits in
with the available budget.
5. Shamim Realtors ltd will in the selection of experienced and skilled consultants who have the capacity and expertise in handling projects of this magnitude.

Shamim Realtors Limited will charge 3% of the construction cost as professional service fees (For Construction Project Management). An initial commitment fee is required upon signing of the agreement. This advance fee is deductible from the overall Project Consultation fees.
Upon signing the contract and subsequent paying the commitment fee, we shall partner with you in optimizing your project to ensure maximum profits or identify if the project is not viable in the very beginning.



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